About LCA

Today's Reality...

Early in the twentieth century, progressives quietly transformed America’s schools. A hundred years later, they’ve succeeded beyond their wildest hopes.

The battlefield for the hearts and minds of our kids is the 16,000 hours they spend inside American classrooms from kindergarten to twelfth grade. it’s the 16,000-hour war, for our kids and our country. We are culturally surrounded. The classroom, literature, movies, music, television, and social media are all full-blown avenues of pressure to conform to the wayward thinking of contemporary culture. Abraham Lincoln once said, “The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation becomes the philosophy of government in the next.” To put it more comprehensively, the strength of the church in one generation becomes the culture of its people in the next, followed by the philosophy of the schoolroom and the government. The schoolroom is a vital front in the battle for Christendom and Western civilization, but alone—it is not enough. How do parent’s fight for the minds of their precious children? Agitation or grassroots movements are not the answer. The answer lies in shaping the classroom by providing an environment based, comprehensively, on the principles of Jesus with a goal of academic excellence. 

That is the dream of
Legacy Christian Academy.

A Thoughtful Response...

Legacy Christian Academy (LCA) is a Christian school that prepares students for college placement and instills a passion for lifetime-learning within the context of a loving, inclusive, family-centric community. We nurture and enrich our students’ intellectual, physical, cultural, and spiritual growth so that they may realize their full potential as citizens of God’s Kingdom and as His ambassadors in the world.


Partnering with Christian families to provide a Christ centered, comprehensive college preparatory and/or career and technical education built on a biblical worldview.

OUR Vision

To prepare and equip students, both spiritually and academically, to become Kingdom citizens who lead the way in influencing the world for Christ.

Our Values


Christ is the center of all creation. Christ provides the unity that gives meaning for all life.

Family Focused

The family has the primary responsibility for providing a nurturing environment in which a child’s potential is fully developed. LCA works as a partner with families to accomplish this mission.


Believing that God expects excellence, LCA encourages students to develop their abilities to the fullest extent possible, using them for God’s glory and the good of mankind.


Service provides the platform students use to engage their acquired knowledge in honing their abilities and skills, ultimately for the good of their communities and God’s Kingdom.